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Looking for a software or service provider you can trust?  Look no further – we’ve vetted them FOR you. 

Bonus: It’s an all-female list of all-stars!  All are able to work remotely with clients anywhere in the U.S.  Check them out below!  Check back often for updates!

tax preparers and bookkeepers


Bree Beers & Associates

Contact: Briana Beers, Owner


Offerings: Tax preparation and planning for individuals & small businesses

Best for: Self-employed service industry professionals or real estate investors (sole props, LLCs, S Corps)

Why they are awesome: They offer EXEMPLARY customer service! They have a 24-hour returned call/email policy and promise a charismatic smiling face to answer every call!

Schedule Free Consult with Briana HERE and let her know I sent you!


Contact: Diana Gleason


Offerings: Full charge bookkeeping, accounting and financial reporting for small businesses and startups.

Best for: Solopreneurs, landscapers, general contractors, restaurants, consulting firms, tech startups, and more!

Why they are awesome: Their first priority is gaining their clients’ trust and letting them know they are there for them at all times!

Contact Them HERE to get a free review of your books and a one hour consult call for being a Balance CFO referral! 

MH Business Solutions

Contact: Meagan Hernandez


Offerings: Bookkeeping, Accounting, Tax & Consulting Services

Best for:  Small-to-mid-size business owners looking for a one-stop shop that provides both bookkeeping, tax prep, and tax planning

Why they are awesome:  Meagan is relatable and really wants to make sure her clients feel comfortable and confident in understanding their numbers.  

Contact Them at meagan@mhbusinesssolutions.org for a FREE consult call with Meagan and let her know I sent you!

small business lawyers

Legal in a Box

Contact: Amy Toepper


Offerings: All things legal for your small business! Memberships, new business formations, trademarks, and custom legal representation.

Best for:  Small business owners and entrepreneurs forming new startups that need legal assistance to keep their legal house in order.

Why they are awesome:  Legal in a Box believes that every business, regardless of size, should be able to say “let me speak to my attorney”.  They are affordable, reliable, and transparent!

Contact Them HERE and be sure to let them know I sent you!

Your Entrepreneur School

Contact: Andrea Vetter


Offerings: Legal templates at your fingertips and business formation services (LLC, etc), business legal audits

Best for:  Online service providers looking for access to legal contracts/templates without the high price tag of hourly legal services.

Why they are awesome: Andrea provides excellent service to clients and provides the information you need in an easy-to-understand way. 

Check out all of the templates available HERE!  (Please use my referral link!) Templates include coach-client agreements, Privacy Policy templates, LLC Operating agreements, Terms of Use templates, and Website Disclaimers!

personal financial coaches/ planners

Greatest Worth

Contact: Nicole Rule


Offerings: Money coach offering 1:1 services as well as courses on personal money management for the family

Best for: Those striving to have better money habits and a better life.

Why they are awesome: Not only does Greatest Worth give you the strategies and tools to help you get a handle on your finances and pay off debt, they also focus on money mindset and motivation which are critical to making change!

Contact Them HERE and let them know I sent you!  

Green Bites Project

Contact: Darcie Milfield


Offerings: 1:1 personal financial coaching as well as a course on transforming personal finances

Best for:  Women who want to improve their personal finances and are ready to invest in making that a reality in their lives.

Why they are awesome:  Green Bites has a solid understanding of the banking industry and investing and can work with clients on a comprenehsive plan for their financial freedom.

Contact Them HERE and let them know I sent you!

other awesome people

E-Number Cruncher

Contact: Courtney Boudet


Offerings:  Quickbooks Online Set Up Course, DIY Bookkeeping Membership, Quarterly bookkeeing check-ins

Best for:  Those wanting to DIY their own bookkeeing in Quickbooks but want some extra guidance to make sure they are doing it correctly!

Why they are awesome:  Students enter a “Shame Free Zone” when it comes to financials. Courtney teaches you how to do your own bookkeeing in a simple efficient way until you can hire someone else!

Contact Courtney via email at courtney@enumbercruncher.com and make sure to tell her I sent you!

Also – if you are interested in Courtney’s Less Stress Bookkeeping Course which teaches you ALL the ins and outs of doing your own Quickbooks Online bookkeeping, click HERE.

Intentional Insight LLC

Contact: Kellie Vincent, CPA


Offerings: CFO Consulting – assisting small business owners to control their profit and future by providing insights about the their business finances. 

Best for:  Single-owner businesses looking for 1:1 CFO services.

Why they are awesome: Working with Kellie is more than a business relationship, she believes in really connecting with her clients an going on the journey with them. She tailors services to the specific client vs. a one-size-fits all program.

Contact Kellie via email at kv@kvcpa.com.  Be sure to let her know I sent you!

software solutions

Quickbooks Online

Best DIY accounting software 

Best for: Any small business, solopreneur, or freelancer 

Why they are awesome: Quickbooks is best in class as an accounting solution.  You can track expenses, send invoices, run financial statements, track mileage, and SO much more from QBO!

Please use THIS LINK to sign up and give me credit for the referral!

 Not sure which version is right for you?  Check out THIS CHART.  In general, Quickbooks Plus is what I recommend to most growing businesses to cover your bases!



Best DIY payroll solution 

Best for: Small businesses with employees, or S Corps needing an owner payroll solution

Why they are awesome: Gusto will handle all of the complicated calculations, forms, and filings related to payroll so that YOU can focus on running your business!

Please use THIS LINK to sign up and give me credit for the referral!

Anyone that uses the link above can email me setup questions at jamie@balancecfo.com!


Best No Fee Business Banking

Best for:  Small businesses looking for an affordable solution to business banking. Good for companies that do not need a local branch.

Why they are awesome:  Zero fees and you can set up the account in 5 minutes! No EIN or proof of business license needed.  

Check them out via THIS LINK.